/Lovely Meals Lately: September 2022

Lovely Meals Lately: September 2022

Wowza! We’ve lived in Denver for nearly three months now but weirdly it feels more like three years. We feel so at peace and at home here and are grateful each day for new friends, experiences, and nature nature nature!


Guess what? I finally had my sinus surgery and it feels wonderful. Max has been sick way less now that he’s in a nanny share with one other kiddo versus daycare. And that means I’ve been less sick, too!

Max just turned 20 months. Who would’ve thought my son would be a blondie? He also had his first haircut this week!

Experiencing a new state with him has been so much fun. He’s ready to go outside the minute he wakes up. My love for our little guy is just beyond.

Good eats

Onto the food! I got into a rut where I wasn’t taking pictures of food for weeks on end. I admit, sometimes it’s nice to save those moments for me. And other times it sounds great to capture it for later inspiration. So here are!

This Thai pasta salad is my favorite thing to grab out of the fridge for easy lunches with some frozen edamame added in.

pasta salad.pasta salad.

These banana pancakes may be my favorite recipe ever. Plus eggs with arugula for a little sweet and savory action. Basically the situation every Sunday.

pancakes with eggspancakes with eggs

Sweet potato brownies. OMG these are so amazing. Speaking of fun desserts, have you tried these new sandwich cookies? I snagged box last week and Jeff and I devoured them.


Lasagna night is the best night. Garlic bread has my whole heart!


I crave root beer Olipop like no other. On days when we’re out I’m legit sad. Who am I?!

root beer can.root beer can.

Broccoli soup for cozy lunches! Yes, the high was 90 degrees today.

broccoli soupbroccoli soup

End of summer lunches have been spinach salads with this basil dressing, toasted sourdough hunks, fresh mozzarella, cucumber and peaches. DELISH.


And yes, I’m still making chocolate zucchini smoothies on repeat.


Leftover falafel, fattoush salad, insane pita, and the world’s best hummus from one of our favorite restaurants, Safta.

safta food.safta food.

My new pumpkin baked oatmeal for amazing fall vibes. Max is in love, too! I think he’s gonna be a chocoholic like his mama.


Baked salmon, Trader Joe’s sweet potato gnocchi, and a yummy herby tomato corn feta salad. You better believe I went back for gnocchi seconds.


My frozen yogurt bars are so refreshing!

frozen yogurt bar.frozen yogurt bar.

Turkey sammie on ciabatta with potato chips and a pickle. Classic.

turkey sandwich.turkey sandwich.

Stuff I’m Loving Lately

  1. I’ve been reading A TON. I fell hard for Elin Hildebrand the past few months. My favorites so far are Hotel Nantucket and 28 Summers. For delish historical fiction with a unique perspective, you must read The Things We Cannot Say. Currently I’m really enjoying After I Do, one of Taylor Jenkins Read’s older books. I thought she could do no wrong, but I actually hated her newest book, Carrie Soto Is Back. I couldn’t even finish it!
  2. I treated myself to this cozy shacket and I love it with jeans. Def oversized!
  3. This fun song is on repeat.
  4. Who doesn’t need some gorgeous waterproof boots in “beige sand?” On sale!
  5. We just started watching “The Patient.” It’s quite a thrilling premise, but I’m waiting for it to pick up a bit…
  6. Max’s favorite toddler boots are also 25% off right now! They’re so dang cute.
  7. I got these joggers in “date palm” and they’re great when you want to be comfy without looking athletic, if you feel me. Cute with this shirt in black.
  8. Here to say that grapes drizzled with salted peanut butter is an excellent snack.

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