/Squash Lentil Curry

Squash Lentil Curry

This somewhat nontraditional curry emphasizes protein and ease of preparation. Taking the liberty of blending winter squash and peanut butter into the curry sauce lends it a nice sweetness and extra-creamy mouthfeel. It’s the perfect dish to reheat, as leftovers only get more flavourful. Serve with a pile of rice.

Protein power: Though often overlooked, textured vegetable protein (TVP), which is simply defatted soy flour, is an excellent source of plant-based protein—about 25 g in each 1/2 cup (125 mL) serving. And TVP is certainly less costly than the new breed of engineered meatless meats on the market. Lentils remain one of the best nutritional bargains at the supermarket, full of protein, fibre, and a range of must-have nutrients.

Easy does it

For the curry sauce, you can also use frozen butternut squash, which requires no peeling and chopping, or canned pure pumpkin purée.

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