/House Update: Demo Week

House Update: Demo Week

Our renovation started with demo week in the primary suite upstairs. Here are the progress pics!

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Demo Week!

The team is into the swing of things over there – our primary bedroom is now open to the clear blue sky!

When we started planning the row of windows on the back wall of the upstairs, it was this view that we were after. Our house sits high up on a hill, and we can see mountains through the trees on a clear day! 

Mazen had first swing

Thomas has been promising Mazen a swing at a wall for months. Here he goes!

Things Got Dirty In There Real Quick!

It’s so crazy that I said goodbye on Wednesday and by Friday this is what our beautiful bathroom looked like:

The Before!

And then a few days after that:

And then there was light!

Another before:

Same view!

Just that sliver of light makes the space SO MUCH HAPPIER! I can’t wait to have a beautiful window looking out to the yard. 

The Little Dormer

The holes in the roof were created to build the dormer, which is a way to square off the attic walls to normal ceiling height. I’m only 5’2″ so I didn’t hit my head too many times over the past 8 years, but Thomas (at 6′ tall) found the sloped walls much more challenging.

How They Frame The Dormers 

The crew poked a lower row of holes and an upper row of holes and have been framing the little dormer from the outside, anchoring the frame through the holes. Once the frame is complete, the inside roof section comes down. This minimizes exposing the house to the elements until the dormer is ready. 

Openings for windows

The one on the left is the bathroom and the one on the right is at the top of the stairs landing into the bedroom. 

That’s my father-in-law, John, up there on a roof at almost 70! This whole team is so skilled (and strong and brave!) 

Little Dormer is complete!



You can see how low the attic wall was compared to how high the ceiling is now! The rest of the attic is coming down this week as they craft the “big dormer.” 

The Rest Of The Bedroom


During step 1:

My Closet Before:

My Closet During Demo:

Just The Bones!


During demo:

After Demo:

The whole demo week has been mind blowing to me! 

Thomas says it starts with a bang and things change very quickly, then there is a long lull with not much to see as the subs come in (electrical, plumbing) and then it ends with a bang when all the finishes go in (paint, tile, fixtures). 

Follow Along with Demo Weeks Ahead!

I’ve been sharing stories on Instagram @katheats and have a Story Highlight saved for demo. Go see it all in action! 

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