/The 8 Supplements We Swear By While Traveling

The 8 Supplements We Swear By While Traveling

If you’re anything like us, your supplement stash requires its own kitchen cabinet at home. But, while living out of a suitcase, a bit of editing is required.

Which supplements are worth packing up for vacation or business travel? We consider these eight picks to be some of the most important for preserving energy levels and protecting our gut health…

8 Vacation Supplements To Support Digestion + Energy

vacation supplementsvacation supplementsPerelel Women’s MulTi | If you don’t want to sort and pack a ton of supplements, Perelel’s Women’s Daily Vitamin Trio comes pre-sorted in single-day packs, making them perfect for travel across town or across the Atlantic. Just stash the packets in with your toiletries to keep things simple and organized. Each trio contains a daily multi, omega and beauty supplement and Perelel offers the same format for men.

ARMRA Colostrum | Colostrum has been a trusted immune support with the holistic health crowd for eons, but it’s having a big moment lately thanks to new brand, ARMRA. Colostrum is a unique dairy product with gut protective benefits we love (see all our coverage for more detail). You can find colostrum as an ingredient in some of the most revered travel digestion supplements out there, but we like to start upping our intake of ARMRA pre-trip, and then pack the single serve packs along for uninterrupted gut health support. Since colostrum is a dairy product, be sure to shop a transparent and humane brand.
best supplements for travel best supplements for travel HUM Gut Instinct Probiotic | Traveling with a probiotic is always a good idea, as are digestive enzymes. Use both to support optimal digestion while your body is under the extra physical stressors of travel, time changes, and new foods. HUM Nutrition’s Flatter Me digestive enzymes are some of the best we’ve tried (and a HUM best-seller). If you want to look your best in those carefully planned vacation outfits, digestive enzymes can be really helpful to stave off bloating. Pair with their Gut Instinct probiotic for a full spectrum of gut support.

Activated Charcoal | Possibly the MVP of all travel supplements, activated charcoal helps with the adsorption of certain types of ingested toxic substances. A must after a big night of eating or drinking whether you’re traveling or not!  If you’ll be drinking beach drinks, trying exotic foods, or consuming raw foods like sushi, a nightly dose of charcoal is a smart move. Try Mary Ruth Activated Charcoal which is also a great in-flight supplement to avoid digestive upset.
best supplements for vacationbest supplements for vacationHawaiian Axtaxanthin | A potent, if lesser known antioxidant, axtaxanthin can promote even skin tone during and after sun exposure! We’ve been singing the praises of this antioxidant every summer for years. Beach goers, stock up and pack it along. We’ve seen results with this ‘beauty supplement’, just stay smart and don’t skip the sunscreen.

LMNT Electrolytes | We recently shared a story with LMNT on just how dehydrating flying can be. Whether its the dry-as-a-bone airline cabinet, the morning after a big night out, or the evening after a day in the sun, make LMNT a firm part of your daily vacation routine for deep hydration you can really feel. There’s nothing like dehydrated crankiness to put a wrench in your vacay vibes — keep the minerals flowing for optimized energy!

vacation supplementsvacation supplementsSaccharomyces Boulardii | Saccha-who? It may be hard to pronounce, but get familiar with the name Saccharomyces Boulardii. This strain has been shown in studies to help reduce the incidence of traveler’s diarrhea, inhibiting toxins from binding to cell receptors and directly producing anti-toxins that destroy toxins released by C. difficile and E. coli.

NOW Foods Effer-C | Whether you’re changing time zones, getting more sun, or walking around town all day, some of the best vacations days can be absolutely draining! Keep your energy up and your body feeling well with a megadose of vitamin C every day. Not only will effervescent vitamin C encourage you to drink more water while you travel, but a daily shot of vitamin C can be so energizing and refreshing as you descend to your destination. Try it in lieu of orange juice with room service in the morning!

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