/EasyClosets Review (Tour My Closet!)

EasyClosets Review (Tour My Closet!)

This is my second time using EasyClosets! This post outlines my EasyClosets review of the design, order, and install process. EasyClosets sponsored my closet in exchange for this post. Use the code KATHEATS for $100 OFF + free shipping on orders valued at $500 or more. Expires December 15, 2023. Photos by Cramer Photo. 

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A closet system is one of those things that you don’t think about needing until you’re staring at a small white room with four walls! And then where do you start? The ideal closet has different kinds of storage space from hanging clothes (short and long!), drawers, shelves, and shoes. The more you can tailor the spaces to your needs, the more your closet will feel personalized to you.

My Previous EasyCloset

My pre-renovation closet was also from EasyClosets. EasyClosets was recommended by my realtor back in 2015, and I ordered my system from them and paid a handyman to install it. I was very happy with the previous version and wanted to use the company again since I knew the quality and install process already. I really did maximize my small corner of that space. We re-used the drawers and shelves in Thomas’s new closet since he has much fewer clothing needs than me. 😉 

Our New Closets

In our new primary bedroom, bigger closets were on the wishlist, and bigger closets did we get! Mine is huge with room to grow (as planned!). One compromise to getting the bigger of the two was that the door to our storage room (the former rooftop deck door) is in the middle of my closet wall. But it lets in extra light (that’s why we went with a glass pane), so I’m not mad about it!

During the reno!

Here’s the story of my EasyClosets experience from start to finish, including designing with a sloped ceiling and the late-night install by Thomas! 

EasyClosets Review

EasyClosets offers a great balance between a high-end custom closet and a DIY experience. It’s exactly what consumers need: a product that is a custom design but still easy to install yourself. EasyClosets pieces are made to order at their HQ in Michigan, which means your pieces are designed for you rather than being a modular design that is one-size-fits-all. If you’ve ever put together furniture, you know how important it is that the pieces are pre-drilled and cut to actually fit together

The pieces are shipped to you to install, saving lots of money on the install side by being user-friendly for the average person. They offer a variety of closet combinations and styles, so you can customize your space however you want — more shelves, more hanging, more drawers, or a little of each.

Design Process

One of the best perks of the company is the free design service! I started to design something myself using their online design program to get a ballpark price range, and I quickly realized that I was not talented in the spacial department. I wasn’t 100% confident inputing my measurements in the design tool and definitely did not want to design a closet that wouldn’t fit our space, so I reached out to their team for a free design.

In my request, I explained that I wanted “a lot of drawers, hanging space for half and full length, and plenty of shoe storage.” (Y’all know I love my drawers for not folding laundry!) I received a response from Zack, who was able to input measurements and create not one but two different custom design options for me that same day. Zack and I went back and forth on a few tweaks, and I was able to log in and see the designs in 2 and 3D! It was very cool.

Design Finishes

Once I had accounted for all my clothing categories, I chose finishes such as the black hardware (to match the rest of our house) and a few accessories, like a jewelry drawer and valet rod. See all the choices here!

And here is the same piece in real life!

EasyClosets Pricing

You can use the EasyClosets design tool to put in your dimensions and add some storage pieces to get an instant price quote for the closet size you need. My closet is large, and even though I didn’t need every inch full, I knew I wanted to maximize the space while I could rather than build it in stages. My whole closet was about $5,000, including tax. 

EasyClosets is said to be around 40% lower cost when compared to other closet companies like California Closets because they offer a factory direct do-it-yourself solution. I did not get any other closet quotes, but Thomas told me local companies would be $10k+. 

EasyClosets always offers free shipping on orders over $400, which is great because freight shipping can be a beast with some online deliveries! They do have payment plan options as well. 

Customer Service + Delivery

Customer service is available six days a week for extended hours should you need to reach them with an install or delivery question. EasyClosets products include a limited lifetime warranty. Fun fact: The core of most EasyClosets panels is made of 100% recycled and/or repurposed wood fiber.

I had a great experience working with Zack and the team. Order and delivery emails told me it would take about 3 weeks to get to my house. Boxes of hardware came via UPS quite quickly, and the freight truck called me in advance to schedule the larger delivery. I was able to pick the date we wanted that worked well with our renovation timeline. 


Luckily, I am married to a handy man who installed my closet over a series of evenings while the kids and I were in North Carolina. Thomas and I FaceTimed each night to check in on the progress. I loved seeing it come to life!

While tedious at times, the install went smoothly. Check out Thomas’s tips below. I finished the last steps myself when I came home and installed the hanging rods, shelves, and valet rod because Thomas didn’t know exactly where I wanted them. Those parts were definitely so easy that even I could do them!

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EasyClosets Installation Tips from Thomas

1. Study up for the installation and watch the videos

No really, do it ! There is a thorough installation guide on the website that I would definitely recommend studying first. There are lots of videos, too. I am such a visual person that seeing someone else do it is so much easier than trying to interpret text only. (Although you get a complete book customized to your exact closet, too!) 

2. Organize parts before starting

The team recommended we account for all pieces prior to starting the install in the event that something was missing. Thomas also found it helpful to unbox and organize everything first rather than unpack one box at a time. It made him faster. 

3. Prepare for lots of cardboard recycling

Have a box cutter and make space in your trunk to take the boxes to the proper recycling center. It was a lot and wouldn’t have fit in our household recycling bin. Or better yet, find someone who is moving who could use them! 

4. Ask for a spreadsheet

Thomas reached out to customer service for a parts list spreadsheet that he found helpful for the install. There were a lot of pieces and this sheet helped him sort them. I recommend asking for it in advance. 

5. Two people can be helpful

While Thomas installed the closet on his own, he said it would have been nice to have an extra set of hands for putting the vertical panels into place. FYI if there are two of you! 

6. Tools you will need

You’ll need a stud finder, cordless drill, level, and tape measure. Thomas recommends a rubber mallet and ladder, too. Plus good music! 

7. Use an assembly line method for drawers

Rather than assembling one drawer at a time on the floor, Thomas used a waist-high work station and built drawers in an assembly line. Easier on the back!

My Closet Tour!

Everything about my closet feels high quality. I love the black hardware, the abundance of drawers, the space for clothes to breathe, and the layout I chose. Plus, I added some personal items to make it very KERF. : ) Check out the video tour on YouTube here!

Long Dress Zone

It is SO NICE having all of my clothes in one space rather than previously having off-season clothes in a dresser and long dresses in Thomas’s closet because my 1.0 closet didn’t have any long dress space. 


Now I have zones for summer tops, winter tops, long dresses and outerwear. Drawers house my casual/everyday/athleisure clothes. I have plenty of room to grow in the back where I am storing my boots, soccer gear, and other less-used things.

Jewelry Drawer

The jewelry drawer was something Zack put into his design. I LOVE having my jewelry organized! (Don’t rob me – nothing is real!)

Valet Rod

How cool is this pull-out valet rod for outfit planning? Since I rarely need to put fancy clothes out, I use it most often for my everyday robe. There is also a slide out belt/necklace/tie organizer.

Shoe Shelves

I spaced these shelves for shoes and love having them visible rather than tossed in a basket or stacked on top of one another. 

Two Oversights By Me

1. I can barely see in the top drawers

One small mishap I didn’t realize until the closet was all built and ready was the height of the highest drawers. At 5’2″, I can barely see in! I didn’t even think to measure the height. However, I don’t regret this because it maximizes space. So, rather than have the jewelry drawer on the top, it’s in the middle. This means I can see the jewelry much better.

2. I didn’t plan a laundry area!

I have a clothing hamper and didn’t plan for it to be inside the door. But, I tucked it into one of my hanging clothes spaces, and that’s working just fine.

I added some personal touches from my childhood, too:

Upgrade Your Storage – $100 Off

I have nothing but good things to say in my EasyClosets review. I highly recommend! If you have a closet that needs upgrading, here’s a promo for $100 off, that is good until December. EasyClosets also offers solutions for the pantry, laundry room, and garage, so check those options out, too! Check out this tips & ideas page for design inspiration.

Use the code KATHEATS for $100 OFF + free shipping on orders valued at $500 or more. Expires December 15, 2023. 

And don’t miss the video tour here!

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