/From Broc Shots To AG1 – 8 Incredible Supplements That Aren’t Pills

From Broc Shots To AG1 – 8 Incredible Supplements That Aren’t Pills

When it comes to our most important habits, sometimes it’s the smallest hangups that keep us from being consistent. Overwhelmed by the idea of a handful of pills a day? For some of us, taking supplements in pill form is the ultimate wellness chore.

We’re big believers in the need for nutritional supplements in this day and age, and these eight just scratch the surface of the optoins available out there — no pill popping required.

From everyone’s favorite green powder to the top nutritional gels and mouth sprays, try diversifying your supplement intake to keep things fun, easy and more consistent…

8 Healthy Supplements For People Who Hate Taking Pills

non pill supplements we lovenon pill supplements we love
Super Mush Daily Immunity Mouth Spray | Love your functional mushrooms but forget to take your capsules on a regular basis? This mouth spray formula is perfect for popping on your desk or in your carry-on to enjoy as your schedule permits. Packed with immune and cellular function supportive turkey tail, reishi and more, this easy to use spray  tastes like a treat—cinnamon toast, to be exact. Give it four spritzes on to your tongue each day between errands or emails, and swallow.

Flora Ex Machina Royal Ghee Earth Ambrosia | This superfood-drenched ghee is so packed with nutrients, it’s nearly supplement level: moringa, chlorella, nettles, wheat grass, spirulina, alfalfa, dandelion, kelp dulse, schizandra, reishi, chaga, turkey tail, and tocotrienols make this the most impactful thing you could ever spread on toast each morning.

Use it anywhere you would a nut butter, jam, butter or honey. We personally love them on sweet potatoes!

non pill supplementsnon pill supplements
AG1 By Athletic Greens | AG1 has achieved cult status for years now, and with good reason. A glass of water and one scoop of AG1 can go a long way in replacing a handful of pills each morning if that’s what you’re after. This full-spectrum green powder is packed with a wide-range of nutritional support from vitamins, minerals, superfoods, probiotics, plant extracts, antioxidants, enzymes, and functional mushrooms. If you’re a little lazy about your morning supplements, a daily scoop of AG1 is the ultimate solution — just stir the green stuff into a glass of water knowing that you’re tackling a swath of nutritional needs for the day you’d likely never meet with just diet only.

Broc Shots | Yes, we’re all supposed to be eating more broccoli, but did you know that broccoli sprouts yield 50-100x more sulforaphane than mature broccoli? The benefits of getting more sulphur in your diet by eating cruciferous veggies is multiplied with this single shot of whole broccoli sprout powder — a potent 15mg of sulforaphane that can support skin health, gut health, immunity and cognitive function on the daily. Once shaken the powdered shot is surprisingly delicious — and far more convenient to keep on hand than fresh sprouts. We can’t imagine the R&D that went into nailing the Bro Shots flavor, but we appreciate the results!
liposomal supplements we loveliposomal supplements we love
Mary Ruth’s Liposomal Multivitamin | Mary Ruth’s liquid multi has to be one of the best-tasting multivitamins on the market. If you’re ‘supplement averse’, that can really mean something! One squirt of this vanilla peach liposomal gel is one of the most delicious ways to start the day we can think of — all without any added sugar. Take a couple of tablespoons before you drink your morning coffee for a fruity hit of energizing and essential vitamins. This multi is highly absorbable, formulated specifically for women (and comes in a version for men too), and includes herbal supports like maca and ashwagandha too.

Mary Ruth’s Liquid Probiotics | Knock one more pill out of your daily routine with this 12 strain probiotic liquid that can easily be added to your water throughout the day. Support healthy microbiome and immune function with this quick hit of unflavored liquid that makes supplementing for gut health an absolute breeze. Keep a bottle by the family home water station for an instant reminder.
best liposomal supplementsbest liposomal supplements
Cymbiotika Liposomal Vitamin C | Looking for a truly potent and bioavailable source of Vitamin C? You’ve found it. This liposomal Vitamin C has been shown in studies to be close to the effectiveness of intravenous delivery. If you’re only going to take a few daily supplements, make one of them vitamin C — the antioxidant that plays a key role in immune system function, collagen production, and healthy aging. You can learn more about this one as we dug deep into the formula here, but you’ve also probably seen this one on many of our must-have lists for supplements we love.

Cymbiotika Liposomal Glutathione | Known as the master antioxidant, glutathione takes things to a whole other level. We actually produce gluathione naturally in our liver, but with all the stressors and oxidative damage potentially present in our daily lives, those levels can be compromised. Adding a glutathione supplement is an easy way to support longevity and Cymbiotik’s highly absorbable liposomal is oh so easy to take.

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