/KERF Holiday Gift Guide

KERF Holiday Gift Guide

Sharing my 2023 Holiday Gift Guide, from the best bath towels and cookware to luxurious body care and soft sweaters (a.k.a. all of my favorite things!). This post contains affiliate links. 

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If you’re working on your holiday shopping, look no further than my 2023 KERF Holiday Gift Guide. It’s essentially all of my favorite things compiled into one comprehensive list. It definitely has a hygge vibe, because, well, I am all about cozy and comfort – especially this time of year! 

From soft sweaters and leather totes to the dreamiest bath towels and lux body care products, I think this list of gift ideas is sure to feel like a warm embrace to anyone who is receiving it. Plus, I’ve even included some gifts for the guys and kids because we all know those are the hardest to shop for!

2023 KERF Holiday Gift Guide

Gifts For Women

Higher Dose Sauna Blanket – This was #1 on my list this year. I bought it on Friday since they are 20% off! I am SO excited. There are so many health benefits to infrared saunas, and this blanket is a way to bring them to your home for a fraction of the cost and space a huge sauna would take up. (I’m also really hoping to make this my warmest winter yet!) 

Shorty Love Bags – I was gifted the Boxer backpack and it is an AMAZING bag full of roomy pockets. I love the lightweight nylon material, pocket locations (including 2x water bottles) and that it converts into a hobo or a backpack. It is the perfect large purse, gym bag, overnight bag, or airport travel bag. They have crossbody bags too. I love the green + pink colors. Great gift for bag lovers!

Carve Designs Sweaters – Carve Designs is one of my very favorite clothing brands. They have a new line of sweaters for fall. I wore the Monroe Sweater to the Taylor Swift movie; it’s the perfect Lover era shade. I also love the Rockvale sweater. I have it in Slate, but I should have gotten the BIRCH!

Lake Pajamas – Whether it’s one of their cute holiday prints, or a classic robe, you can not go wrong with Lake. Their fabrics are dreamy soft! A great gift for mother or MIL. Everything is 25% off for their Happy Everything sale!

Lululemon Sneakers – these cute high-top sneakers are great for lifting, walking, running, high-intensity workouts and more. I like the neutral color, but if you’re looking for a sneaker with a pop of color, I really like my purple Nike Metcons, too. 

The Perfect Winter Sweater – This sweater is oversized and so soft and a great price!

Leather Tote Bag – this beautiful leather zip-top transport carryall tote from Madewell is what every mom needs for carrying all the things. It would also make a great gift for any teachers in your life.

Cozy Beanie – This Athleta beanie is cute with the fuzzy on top. I’m personally biased to black, but go tulip pink if you love bold style! The winter white color is adorable, too. If you love Athleta as much as I do, the Conscious Crop is one of my favorite athletic tops and this backpack is not only functional, but so cute. 

Aqua Glass Set – I love these non-breakable glasses that look so pretty you can’t tell they aren’t glass on the shelf!

Bombas Underwear – I’ve worn Bombas socks for years and bought their thongs a few years ago. It’s now the only underwear I wear! Athletic and stretchy, I love the seamless thongs the best. But I also have the no show thongs and like them too! They are so lightweight and very comfortable. 

Grow Fragrance Candles – These are the candles I primarily burn in our home because a) they smell divine, and b) they’re safer for you! Their candles are made with certified bio-based ingredients, which means they’re environmentally friendly and not petroleum-based like those used in traditional air fresheners and candles. Check out their new holiday + winter scents! These make perfect gifts. 

Beautycounter Gift Sets – You can’t go wrong with one (or several) of Beautycounter’s lux, limited-edition gift sets. They come beautifully packaged – all you need is a bow. Mix and match its like the body butters and hand creams, and this Sugar & Silk Body Set is what spa dreams are made of. 

Makeup Eraser Pads – these would make for a great stocker stocking stuffer with shimmery clean makeup gift set

Serena and Lily Bath Towels – A splurge gift and so worth it! I purchased a couple sets for our primary bathroom and love them so much. My cute braided napkin holder is also on sale!

Hydroflask with Handle – Pair this with the AG1 for a complete health nut gift!

Our Place Oven – How cute is this for your countertop!? A 6-in-1 air fryer and toaster oven with steam infusion – a great gift for the home cook!

Maker Wine Advent Calendar – I really like Maker canned wines. All wines are dry with 0g sugar, <5 carbs per serving – and they’re sourced from small producers. This advent calendar would make a fun hostess gift. 

Frame TV – 1,000% worth the investment – we love ours. A if you’re wondering, the “interface” is great too. They are 35% off right now. 

Art by Lindsay Letters – I’ve been following Lindsay for a few years and have been waiting for our house to be finished to purchase some art. She is offering 25% off everything, so I may get a new piece for the living room!

Gifts For Men

Mini Blower – Both men and women love this thing – for leaves on porches, to clean out strollers and car seats, and any other “hard to get” areas. It’s the most satisfying thing!

Amazon Smart Plugs – If you have a tech loving man in your life (or woman for that matter) we love these plugs! We can control all the lamps on our main floor with our voice or an app. 

B Draddy has all kinds of golf apparel that looks good on and off the golf course. Polos, pullovers, shorts, boxers. There are even Juniors polos so young boys can match their dad/uncle/grandpa! They use fabrics that are naturally aged by the salt of the ocean, so they have that worn-in, second skin feeling from the get-go. 

Untuckit Shirts – Thomas has a few of these shirts and they are a perfect fit! Untuckit shirts have that just-right length (hence the name), come in different fits for all shapes and sizes, and look sharp while still being casual. If you don’t have a store you can visit, you can also find Untuckit shirts on Amazon.

Kohv sunglasses make a great gift! Use code katheats15 for 15% off any order.

Lululemon Joggers – I got T a gift card to Lulu for his birthday last year and he chose these joggers. They are his everyday around-the-house pants (and they look so good on him!) He also has a pair of the ABC pants and loves those too.

Prepared Hero Fire Blanket – I mean, every dude wants to be prepared right?! Might make a great white elephant gift too!

Gifts For Kids

Advent Calendars – this is a get to buy now for the holiday season ahead! We have the Playmobile Pirate Cove advent calendar for Birch (thanks for the great bday gift Hillary!) and there is a Lego Star Wars one too!

Star Wars Shirts – We bought these for Birch for his bday and he LOVES them! (And they are quite tasteful in my opinion!) 

Light Sabers – Both of our boys got these for their birthdays and needless to say they are well loved. They change colors too! They come with a backup battery and are quality made (pretty heavy!) 

Yoto Player – If you have a child or grandchild who loves their Toniebox, the Yoto is for bigger kids. It’s easier to travel with and is kind of like a podcast player for kids (but still does plenty of music too). You can make your own cards with stories or songs (like the Star Wars soundtrack!) 

My Rainbow Journals – If you have a pensive child who appreciates journaling and/or list making, check out My Rainbow Journals. Made by a KERF reader, these make perfect gifts. 

Meta Quest 2 – I have to shout out Mazen’s favorite thing this year. He’s been playing Gorilla tag like crazy since his birthday. While this isn’t great for parents, if you have a 10/11/12 year old, this virtual reality gaming system would be a hit gift for them. 

Tie Fighter Lego – My kids’ favorite Lego this year. It’s a cool one and not terribly expensive!

Seek and Find Puzzle – My mom got this puzzle for Birch for his bday and it’s a good one! You have two puzzles in one (it’s reversible) and there’s a seek and find feature too. It comes with a magnifying glass which was Birch’s favorite part. 

Kids Kindle – If you have a reader, you need a kindle! The best part about it isn’t the screen vs. book feature or the space saving of digital books, but that you can get books instantly from the library via the Libby app. Sometimes you just need a book FAST and don’t have time to go check one out! Also the battery lasts for months. Mazen and I like to read together in bed each with our kindles. 

New Stockings – They might not squeal for stockings like new Legos, but I bought these last year and we love them! 

Follow my Amazon storefront and LTK for more gift ideas. 

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