/Smoky Paella with Asparagus and Prawns

Smoky Paella with Asparagus and Prawns

With its smoky paprika and subtle earthy flavours of saffron, anyone eating this paella will be looking for seconds. It’s a delightfully cozy dish and easy to make ahead for a crowd. Serve with crusty bread, a dish of roasted Spanish olives, and roasted peppers; finish with a drizzle of good quality olive oil.

Beautiful bomba

Paella can be made with most types of rice, but for best results, “bomba” rice is the ideal way to go. It has the ability to absorb plenty of liquid and will hold its shape after cooking. Otherwise, spring for arborio rice, which is typically used for making risotto but works well for paella too.

Make-ahead tip

When rice mixture is cooked, remove from heat and cool. Cover and refrigerate for up to a day or overnight. To finish cooking, transfer to oven-safe dish with tight-fitting lid. Heat in 350 F (175 C) oven for 30 minutes. Add chickpeas, asparagus, and prawns and continue to heat in oven, covered, until piping hot. Add more seasonings, to taste, and garnish before serving.  

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