/In My Gym Bag With Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Kate Love

In My Gym Bag With Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Kate Love

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Kate Love is anything but “just a model.” As a first-time mom, wife, entrepreneur, and wellness enthusiast, she knows what it means to keep a million plates spinning.

She ran us through her favorite fitness routines and all of her on-the-go mainstays that she keeps by her side no matter where she is or where she’s going.

In Kate Love’s Gym Bag

DAILY WORKOUT REGIMEN: Pilates, yoga, and long walks with a baby in a carrier and a dog tied to my waist!

TOP 3 FAVORITE WORKOUTS: Weight training, reformer pilates & hot yoga.

FAVE THINGS TO WEAR WHEN BREAKING A SWEAT: I have really been loving Set Active. I find the fabric super comfortable and flattering, and the pants stay up and in place. Nice sneakers, always. And a scrunchie!

BEST AT-HOME RECOVERY TOOLS / TECH: Theragun is the best when I’m sore after a workout!  I’m also a big fan of a sauna and ice tub contrast for recovery.

ON MY WORKOUT PLAYLIST: I normally either do classes and therefore let the studio decide, or listen to a podcast or audiobook.

FAVORITE WAY TO HYDRATE: Drinking tons of water! I need to focus on this more, drinking more water all the time.

FAVORITE POST-WORKOUT FUEL: I love to throw a Koia in my bag. It’s low-calorie, high in protein, and tastes great.  I love the Cold Brew flavor best!

WORKOUT SHOE I LOVE: I always wear Nike sneakers!

kate love in my gym bagkate love in my gym bag

TIPS FOR A POST-WORKOUT GLOW: Shower and reset.  I love the Oak Essentials Body Moisture Rich Balm for body, U Beauty Hydrating Face Oil and Resurfacing Compound for my face, and the Violette FR Dry Shampoo for a quick hair refresh.

I STAY INSPIRED BY… Staying in shape and active for my baby and myself.  I feel my best when I’ve gotten in a workout and a sweat.

MOST UNEXPECTED ITEM IN MY GYM BAG: I have Pawpaw ointment in every bag. I use it on dry skin, as lip balm, a healing salve… it’s kind of an all-in-one and always in my bag!

I KNOW I’VE HAD A GOOD WORKOUT WHEN: I’m sore and achy the next day.

FITNESS WITH FRIENDS? OR SOLO? I love working out with a friend. It means I’m way less likely to cancel. If you can’t get a friend in person, I also love doing an at-home workout virtually with my friend who’s a trainer—Megan Roup—or going on a long power walk and calling a long-distance friend.

FAVE OUTDOOR FITNESS ACTIVITY: Going for a run. Getting outside makes it much more fun!  I’m also a big fan of an outdoor lap pool. Swimming is such a good workout. It’s so exhausting and great for your body.

BRAIDS, HAT, OR PONY: Low pony with a gentle scrunchie.

CURRENT MANTRA: You never regret a workout once it’s done!

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