/Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List

Do you have a summer bucket list? Mine includes a beach trip, lots of ice cream cones, pool visits, and watermelon. 

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At the top of my summer bucket list is a trip to the shore! We are heading back to Bald Head Island this year after a few summers at neighboring Oak Island. The ferry to BHI was a nightmare during covid, but it’s back to normal capacity these days (sort of, there are new rules making it a bit trickier to pack than usual!) 

We’re staying in a repeat house this year, and are looking forward to a slower pace of life for a week. As slow as it can get with kids ages 3, 4, 6, and 10! I’ll be taking the week off of work so there won’t be any new blog posts next week or a newsletter. See you on the other side with all the pics from our trip! 

Speaking of travel….

I’ll be getting our ferry tickets for free by erasing the charges with my Capital One Venture X card points! If you’re planning any summer travel and want to learn how to spend less and travel more, check out my travel email course and download the free Travel Freely app this week – you’ll be entered to win a $100 gift card to any travel brand of your choice! (Hotels, Airbnb, airlines, etc.) This is just for KERF readers, so your chances are good 😉 

Our Summer Bucket List

Here’s what we’ve been up to this early summer season. 

Graduating Elementary School 

Mazen finished elementary school this year. Yes it’s weird that our middle schools are 5+6 grade and 7+8 grade. (They are actually changing it so Birch will do 5th grade at his elementary school). 

As the oldest in his class, Mazen seems very ready for a change. We went to a stepping up ceremony at his school followed by a family picnic!

Classic summer picnic!

Me and my friend Drew at our elementary graduation (in 5th grade) June 10th, 1994!

The Little Mermaid

Birch went to his second-ever move along with cousin Nash, his mother, and Nona. Melissa and I were the most excited! Birch was very nervous and stayed on my lap the whole time (he’s seen the whole cartoon Little Mermaid). I LOVED the movie and thought it was even better than expected. All the sparkly, shimmery mermaid colors plus the music and real people – it was all so well done. I also liked all the changes they made to give Prince Eric more of a story. I want to see it again!

Crab shirts by J Crew Factory

The Little Mermaid bubble wand got new batteries and bubble solution and was great entertainment on a warm day! 

Chill Time

While both boys will be in camp most of the summer weeks, they each had about a week at home before camp started (Birch while Mazen was still in school and Mazen while Birch did his first week of camp!) 

Mazen is doing all his favorite adventure / fishing / fort-building camps again this year. And Birch is doing camp through his school so it’s a seamless and familiar routine and friends. 

On our time off Birch and I went for walking workouts with our podcasts. He listened to a 3 hour “podcast” of Frozen on his Yoto while I listened to Ramit. The Yoto Mini makes such a great stroller activity! 

Play Date with Friends

Birch and I had our monthly playdate with Jamie + Rory! We went to a splash park and to Brazos for lunch – the usual! 

New Hat, New Hair, New Trend

As a graduation gift, Mazen got a brand new black hat

And also announced that he was “ready to cut his bangs” that were almost chin length again! Salon Druknya gave him a nice Jonathan Taylor Thomas look I would have loved in my middle school years ; ) 

Refreshing Summer Drinks

Afterwards Christians pizza and his haircut, we took Nona to Kung Fu Tea! Mazen discovered the joy that is bubble tea with a friend and has taught our whole family about it. I’ve probably spent $100 at this place already this summer (eeek)

Mazen loves the mango slush with mango poppin’ boba added. Birch likes the mango with nothing chewy in it. 

My order is the Winter Melon Tea (caffeine free), at 30% sweetness, with a foam milk cap and classic boba. The texture experience is incredible!! 

High Five Sipz

Don’t @ me!! I ordered these Sipz on a whim when I was advertised a free six pack by only paying shipping. They have just a TOUCH of THC and are a great nonalcoholic drink for the summer. You can “feel it” but just a touch – like one glass of wine – which is about all I can handle LOL.

Get 35% off your first order with my link! Code SAVE35. 

Summer Concerts

Donde estan mis pantalones? 

A drink that will knock your pants off at The Bebedero! Thomas and I went before the Charlie Puth concert and had dinner too. 

Charlie Puth

I’ve been a Charlie Puth fan for years, so it was great to see him close to him! A lovely night for a concert. 

Rivanna River Concert

I have also been to two of the Rivanna River concerts put on by The Front Porch. Wonderful vibe and setting down by the river. 

Birthday Biscuits

Another delicious new find: these Birthday Party Shortbreads by Allen’s Scottish Shortbread! I did a workout with owner Anwar and he gave me this sample to try. The shortbread is infused with Harney & Sons birthday tea and it’s pink! This Cville company is available through their website or via Amazon! They have the cutest boxes and make great gifts. 

Father’s Day

We had a nice family dinner for Father’s Day with the Donnes. Perfect night for a cookout and Nona’s special blueberry cake! 

New! Dark Spot Minimizer + 20% Off Sale

Beautycounter just launched this new Dark Spot Minimizer this week! If you spend your summers in the sun, this might come in handy for those pesky sun spots. I have it working hard on mine! Use it twice a day after cleansing and before moisturizer. The rubber tip helps you massage it in! 

ALSO, (almost) everything at Beautycounter is 20% off this week, so stock up on all your brightening favorites: Vitamin C serum, Brightening Oil, All Bright Toner, Overnight Resurfacing Peel, face sunscreen!

Do not pay for shipping – add the $10 rewards program to your cart to get shipping for free on $75+ for a year plus a free full size priming serum! 

Kath Eats Real Food

We’ve been dining outside at the picnic table on our front porch. All was well and good until I got what I think are spider bites on my leg! Missing our screened in porch. 

Chicken Fajitas

Leftover Fajitas as Rice Bowls

Pesto Salmon with Roasted Veg

I love how Gus’s tail is in all of these shots. He’s circling the table like a shark!!

The Best Blue Apron Meal

These chicken focaccia pesto sandwiches are one of our all-time favorite Blue Apron recipes!!

Summer Soup

And this was a Blue Apron soup that we re-made using our own ingredients from the grocery store because it was so good the first time. 

I hope you guys are rolling into summer with ease. See you on the other side of our trip! 

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