/My Current Workout Schedule

My Current Workout Schedule

Here’s my current workout schedule and some of my new fit gear to go with it. 

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My Current Workout Schedule

My workout schedule has settled into a nice routine in 2023. It is SO nice to be back at ACAC! I missed it so much during the pandemic. However, I do love the simplicity of doing workouts at home too.

On my busier workdays I usually walk Birch to school and do a 20-minute Peloton ride and a 10-minute strength session. I consider these almost rest days in between the intense classes I do. I didn’t know how much harder I work out at ACAC until I went back! 

I’m looking for some feedback from you personal trainer types on my workout routine. I know the answer is always “lift heavy” and “more yoga” so I’m trying to figure out where those could go! Soccer is always on Sundays in the spring and fall, so that does throw a wrench in my Monday/Wednesday strength class routine. 

  • Sundays – Two hours of soccer. Rips my body apart and requires a full rest day on Monday! 
  • Monday – My only movement is usually walking. Could add yoga here! But gentle yoga.
  • Tuesday – Stations gym class. A mix of cardio and weights. Different every week!
  • Wednesday – Strength class with a little HIIT mixed in. 70% weights and 30% cardio. Opportunity to lift pretty heavy. 
  • Thursday – Peloton day OR lift heavy with Meg OR go to Afterburn step class sometimes. 
  • Friday – Peloton day OR just walking (this could be a yoga day!).
  • Saturday – HIIT cardio class (my favorite of the week!). 

The problem I’m having with my routine is all my lifting days are back to back – Tues./Wed./Thurs. But since soccer/Saturday are so intense, I don’t want to lift right before or after them! I’m also tied to when the classes I love are offered. Unfortunately, the strength class isn’t Tues./Thurs. because that would make it perfect. I also REALLY don’t like lifting on my own or other instructors – haha. 

What would you tweak? What would you add?

Nike Workout Clothes Review

Nike reached out to inquire about reviewing some of their workout pieces as part of their #nike365 program. They let me pick out a handful of pieces in exchange for sharing when/how I wanted on my channels. I was stoked to get to work with such a global brand! And the timing couldn’t have better because LOOK at my sports bras and shoes. I was hoping to get new shoes this fall anyway! Needless to say, the above workouts wore the soles out of my shoes in a year. And I haven’t gotten new high-impact sports bras since Birch was born!

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My haul is mostly shoes, tops/bras, and leggings since that’s what I needed most. 


For shoes, I focused on HIIT and strength training models. As much as I used to love to hit the pavement on a carefree fun, I have resigned to the fact that I just can’t run without pain on my left foot anymore, especially if I want to continue to do the other activities I truly love, like soccer and classes. I picked two pairs of shoes for classes and one for lifestyle/walking to preschool/active mom life. 

Nike Free Metcon 5

The Metcons are my favorite of the three I picked! I love the purple color and the way the soles stack with the vertical Nike swoosh. These are great for my ACAC strength classes – great side-to-side support and good cushion. The grip is also pretty good for being brand new shoes, although I always have to slide around on pavement a few times to get my shoes wood-floor ready. Totally happy with this pair! They are $120. 

Nike Zoom SuperRep 4 Next Nature

LOVE the hot pink Barbie moment of these! The SuperReps are very cushiony and have a very interesting step – like you’re walking across an air bubble cloud. These are great for my jumping classes – I swear I’m jumping higher! They are the most cushiony of the three and are my pick for cardio classes and walking. They are also Thomas’s favorite on me!

Nike In-Season TR 13

These are my “lifestyle” shoes and they are so cute! I love the vintage look. They’re very comfortable for walking, and they’ll be great at airports, playgrounds, and anywhere I need comfortable footwear. They are $60 – a great price! 

Tops + Bras

Since I have several everyday bras, I was mostly looking for high impact “super bras” as I like to call them. Good for a D cup to do jumping jacks and run! My bras must come up high enough that there’s no cleavage shifting, and the straps must be adjustable. 

Nike Swoosh High Support Women’s Non-Padded Adjustable Sports Bra

This bra is a solid choice if you like a classic Y back that goes on overhead. It and has a super cool feature: velcro straps to adjust the rib cage fit! It’s good for high intensity and isn’t too big or bulky. Very sleek! 

Nike Alpha Women’s High-Support Padded Adjustable Sports Bra

This one is my favorite and I got it in blue and black! I LOVE that you put it on like a regular bra – the straps are not Y shaped. It’s so easy to get on but also off when you’re really sweaty – just unclip! It’s also nice and thick so there is tons of support and full coverage cups. The adjustable slides actually stay in place. There is minimal padding, great compression/fit, and it’s really comfortable! Gets an A+ from me! 

Nike Dri-FIT One Luxe

I did get one tank because I loved the green color! I don’t like to think about my clothes when I workout – I want to think about the workout. So when I buy workout tanks, I am looking for a high neck, muscle shape (= thicker straps) and a good length. This one fits the bill!


I am a bit picky about my leggings, so I wasn’t sure if I’d like them. I did send one pair back that just had too much fabric for me. But the three pairs I kept are GREAT! Naturally I got 7/8 length in all three because I am only 5’2″ and the length is perfect for me. 

Nike Zenvy Women’s Gentle-Support High-Waisted 7/8 Leggings

These are my favorites of the three because they have good compression and are a bit more of a performance material. LOVE them! The seamless ankles are great, they are supportive overall, and the waist height is perfect for me. They’re $100, so an investment, but I already love them for my classes! 

The other two pairs I got are both from the Nike Yoga line. One is $65 and the other is luxe fabric at $90. They are SO very soft, have the seamless ankles, and are the perfect waist height. I recommend them both! They are marketed as being lower on the compression scale, but I found them much more compressive than some of my older leggings. So I’d say medium compression. These are good for classes OR good for lounging at home! 

Now if only I were better at tree pose 🙂 

Hydration + Recovery

My all-time favorite hydration is Ultima. It tastes great, comes in a tub so I can use more or less depending on my bottle, and has all the electrolytes I need for heavy sweating days and soccer. Raspberry is my favorite. 

I am also trying these Recovery Gummies by For Wellness. TBD if they combat soreness but this upcoming soccer season will really give them the test! They taste good. 

Lastly, people always ask my favorite protein powder and while I do switch around, my current favorite is Simply Tera’s. It’s made from organic, grass-fed whey protein and I love the Bourbon Vanilla. Mix that with some AG1, milk, banana, and peanut butter and you have one tasty post-workout smoothie! 

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