/3 Ways To Get the Glowy Benefits Of Sea Moss Gel Every Day

3 Ways To Get the Glowy Benefits Of Sea Moss Gel Every Day

You may be familiar with the benefits of seaweed, algae and kelp, but there’s another beneficial nutrient under the sea that’s worth exploring: sea moss.

Sea moss has been trending big time lately, so much so that you may hear obsessees saying they’d like to bathe in it. We’re coming close to that reality with our beauty treatment ideas below, plus the easiest way to consume it daily.

What the Heck is Sea Moss Gel?

Sea moss began surging in popularity a couple of years ago and, at first, we mistook it for an ingredient we’ve been adding to smoothies for years: Irish sea moss. It turns out that ‘sea moss’ and ‘Irish moss’ are two different plants with subtle differences in benefits (the women behind Akasha break it down in depth here!)

The sea moss gel we’re seeing most often these days is grown in more tropical climates, but both sea moss and Irish moss are packed with benefits. These oceanic plants have been beloved for years as nutrient dense boost for smoothies and beyond. Sea moss is a multitasking nutritious plant that can support everything from the health of the skin to the microbiome.

Holistic nutritionist Rebecca Leigh included sea moss gel in her Summer Mermaid Smoothie last year and, at the time, we asked her to share just why it’s a go-to for her on the daily. Here’s a refresher on what she shared…

6 Simple Benefits Of Sea Moss Gel

DIGESTIVE SUPPORT | Sea moss is high in fiber and can help to soothe inflamed tissues within the intestinal tract.

MINERAL DENSITY | Sea moss gel contains 92 of the 102 essential minerals for the body. It contains folate, which is essential for prenatal health and development. It is high in iodine, which helps a healthy thyroid run properly and make thyroid hormones.

PREBIOTIC SUPPORT | Prebiotics are a type of dietary fiber that promotes the growth of probiotics (the healthy bacteria in our gut).

THYROID HEALTH | Sea moss gel supports healthy thyroid function since it contains a great source of iodine. Please note that if you have a thyroid imbalance, consider talking to your nutritionist more about iodine intake before going heavy on iodine-rich foods.

IMMUNE BOOSTING | Sea moss contains anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial properties and is high in immune-boosting nutrients like iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc. The prebiotic effects can support the gut microbiome and lead to heightened immunity.

SKIN HEALTH | Sea moss gel contains magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin K, and omega-3 fatty acids, which help to hydrate and promote healthy skin. Sea moss gel’s vitamin and mineral are highly bioavailable. The mucilage properties of sea moss are excellent for strengthening connective tissues and supporting joint health. The gel’s antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties may help with skin issues like acne — in fact, sea moss gel can also be used topically as a skin-boosting mask.

3 Ways To Incorporate Sea Moss Into Your Daily Routine

best sea moss productsbest sea moss products

01 liposomal SUPPLEMENT | Take your sea moss on the go with Akasha Superfoods Sea Moss Gel Packets. One of Rebecca’s personal faves, the liposomal sea moss has a great Sweet Citrus flavor so you don’t have to combine it with anything, simply slurp back the gel at your own convenience throughout the day.

02 eye MASK | Refresh and depuff tired eyes in the morning with Clean Circle’s Days Off Depuffing Dissolvable Eye Mask. Featuring Irish sea moss, and a ton of other nourishing ingredients, the revitalizing treatment helps restore moisture. The 15 minute mask is super easy to add to your morning routine while you’re prepping your matcha and getting ready for the day.

03 plumping MOISTURIZEr | End the day with a nourishing hit of sea moss with Wildling’s Moonbounce 2% Bio Retinol Irish Sea Moss Plumping Moisturizer. A formula of all-natural ingredients (including a proprietary retinol alternative), the sea moss in this hydrating cream helps to repair skin elasticity and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles. Simply add it at the end of your skin care routine.

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