/Jennifer Aniston’s Workout Takes 20 Minutes + Leaves Us Completely Sculpted

Jennifer Aniston’s Workout Takes 20 Minutes + Leaves Us Completely Sculpted

If Jennifer Aniston is into functional fitness, then we are into functional fitness. At fifty-four, Aniston cuts a famous figure on and off stage, and it has everything to do with her long-standing commitment to fitness.

In fact, we’ve been inspired by Jen’s passion for staying fit ever since her go-to yogi served as guest editor with us back in the early days of TCM. Our readers’ need no reminder, but we’ll say it anyway: despite the street cred and sex appeal of a body like Jen’s, a commitment to fitness also produces sustained energy levels, better brain health, healthier hormones, and serves preventative health benefits of all kinds.

We all know this, so why is a commitment to fitness so damn difficult to maintain?

For many women, the pure over-exertion involved in many workout programs can be a big deterrent. What we’ve been learning lately is that the way women train is based largely on research done solely on men. There is a new wave of fitness brands and figures that are honing in on this truth and trail-blazing new ways of working out that suit women’s unique needs more efficiently. One of them is Pvolve, a low-impact system that is appealing on it’s own, but doubly so once we realized that Aniston has officially joined the company.

“We think we have to work out for the solid hour and that can be a bit intimidating,” Jen told Women’s Health. “I can do 20 minutes and get as good of a workout as if I work for an entire hour.”

Everything You Should Know About Pvolve + Jennifers Aniston’s Workout

“After my very first Pvolve workout, I couldn’t believe how energized I was, how drenched in sweat I was, and that my body wasn’t hurting.” – Jennifer Aniston

pvolve jennifer anistonpvolve jennifer aniston
Pvolve is a science-led method combining low-impact functional movement with resistance-based equipment to sculpt, strengthen, and “restore” the body, delivering compelling results quickly. The brand has its own Clinical Advisory Board, a roster of highly credentialed trainers, and is participating in three ongoing clinical studies.

All that science gives us confidence, but what we love best about Pvolve is the all-in approach: one source for both equipment and programming that makes us feel organized, focused and in control. That’s the opposite of the way we feel when we join most new fitness studios for our first class. 

Jennifer shares, “I especially love movements that work my core and arms, and the P.band, P.ball, and gliders are really great for that. Plus, they’re easy to pack when I travel.”

Users get the ball and band in Pvolve’s signature bundle, bu the key piece of equipment here? For beginners, it’s all about the Precision Mat. Pvolve’s core programming uses the gridded mat to help guide user form, and there’s something about unfurling that mat on the floor that helps us switch gears and get focused on what needs doing! If you’ve ever accidentally drifted off from an at-home workout like we have, a mat like this one can signal to your brain that’s its time to workout and keep you from wandering away. The mat pairs with a uniquely wearable ball and resistance band set that triggers an excitement in us that’s tough to come by. When is the last time a workout made you feel engaged and playful? It turns out that the right set of equipment can give us just the sense of engagement we need to stay motivated!

How It Works: You can get a daily Pvolve workout in just twenty minutes (Jen apparently works out 4-5 days a week herself), but don’t be fooled: this workout packs a punch. Aniston may note that she didn’t “sweat” in her first Pvolve workout, but one glance at that muscle tone tells us all we need to know.

Pvolve uses the premise of functional movement to mimic how your body moves in everyday life. Routines are designed to engage muscles in a way that works with your biomechanics. The method integrates all ranges of motion to activate major and surrounding muscle groups to enhance the physique, while improving strength, mobility, and stability. This approach can be especially supportive as we age and to prevent injuries from everyday behaviors and tasks.

jennifer aniston workout with pvolvejennifer aniston workout with pvolve

We ordered Pvolve’s Signature Bundle and they sent us their core equipment: the wearable P.ball, the P.band with oddly satisfying built-in gloves, and the Precision Mat. There’s just something about this set that feels motivating! The bundle comes with one free month of membership to their classes and a free consultation with a trainer. You can definitely begin classes without the consultation, but if you’re a stickler for good form, you’ll want to take advantage as you grow accustomed to using their unique equipment.

There are more than 1,000 classes on Pvolve’s streaming platform, including breathwork sessions and recovery modules with a variety of trainers, but here’s what we recommend for newbies: stay focused! Dive into Pvolve’s core classes first and teach your body some of the basic rhythms of the workouts. Make it your goal to reach that place where the workout moves become second nature and your body begins craving the routine! Once your body has become accustomed to the core moves, then stack and stagger in the wider array of class offerings. 

We’re huge fans of the online classes because the scheduling flexibility is incredible. Can’t find twenty minutes for a not-so-sweaty workout? You may want to more closely inspect your calendar (or bookmark this set to come back to once life calms down!) There are also two-way, live virtual studio class offerings and — if you live in New York, Chicago, LA, San Diego, or Nashville — there are even IRL Pvolve studios. 

If you’d like to take things further, Jen talks a lot about the gliders that are included in the Total Transformation Bundle, a larger, 13-piece set that offers strength training and restorative equipment too. It’s a higher price point, of course, but with it comes one year of free streaming, plus a foam roller, weights and everything you need to engage the full scope of Pvolve’s offering.

Which to buy? Our recommendation is to start small with the Signature Bundle (just $199, rather than the steeper $649). That’ll get you one month of the program and all the essential equipment. Consider adding the P.3 Trainer to your order too, which helps with the full body moves. Once you’ve cemented your love for the routine, get a friend involved. Buy the larger equipment package for yourself with the full year subscription, and have a friend take on your Signature Bundle and use your own thirty day glow up as the compelling proof that the system is worthwhile! 

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