/The Ideal Way To Visit Zion National Park – Our Dream Itinerary with AutoCamp

The Ideal Way To Visit Zion National Park – Our Dream Itinerary with AutoCamp

autocamp offerautocamp offerAs you’ve probably noticed, AutoCamp has become a Chalkboard reader mainstay, thanks to its high-class amenities in high-demand locations like Joshua Tree, Yosemite, Zion, Cape Cod, Sequoia and just about every other desirable outdoor location coast to coast. 

We’ve had so many of these locations on our bucket list for years now, but never had the time to navigate all the planning required to make these epic nature trips work. Making a resort reservation has just been so much easier! Until now…zion camp hotelzion camp hotel

If you missed our review of Joshua Tree (or the epic giveaway I only dreamed of entering!), you should know that AutoCamp is the ultra-organized, super deluxe way to camp near some of the most glorious national parks in the U.S., and when it comes to “glorious national parks,” one southwest location tops the list.  Yes, we’re talking about AutoCamp Zion

Think of Zion National Park as the original Amangiri-lite experience. Zion is known for its once-in-a-lifetime scenic canyon hikes and has become the ultimate destination for Angelenos looking to say “I did a thing.” AutoCamp Zion wants to help the semi-adventurous to actually “do a thing” without literally doing a thing.

zion park hotelzion park hotel

The AutoCamp Zion Basecamp

Located right near Zion National Park, with a basecamp alongside the Virgin River, AutoCamp Zion celebrates the iconic red-rock landscape of one of Utah’s most notable attractions. You can spend the day exploring the Narrows, hiking Angel’s Landing, or enjoying the scenic canyon drive. And when you’re ready to call it a day after taking in all of the sights, there is a glass of wine, modern accommodations, cool people, and a toasty fire waiting for you. Now, how many campers can say that?

All the things AutoCamp Zion has got going on…

+ Custom Airstream suites fully outfitted with personal grill and firepit area, plus A/C and heating for perfect temperature control.

+ Luxury linens and bath products in every Airstream.

+ Pool and Clubhouse with games, food and drink options, space to gather and lounge (Don’t miss happy hour!). There are even complimentary wellness classes on weekends.

+ Staff onsite to check you in and help with anything you need during your stay.

+ Indoor/Outdoor at its finest. Something to note about every single AutoCamp destination: You will never not feel like you’re a part of your natural surroundings (the double negatives make a positive!). AutoCamp is nature-first when it comes to how it complements or integrates into its habitat. From the design of their spaces to their planned activities to their curated dining menus, everything has been thoughtfully crafted to reflect the land it shares.zion camping advicezion camping advice

What To Do On Your AutoCamp Zion Trip

We’ve already complained about not wanting to plan anything, which is why we were super stoked to see the full lineup of enticing activities for future Zion-ers. AutoCamp has partnered with some of Zion’s most trusted and comprehensive resources to provide a full 360-degree experience for aspiring nature-seekers and activity-vultures alike. 

Especially for those of us who are intimidated by things that involve hiking shoes and even helmets, knowing that we could just drop in, sign up, and be taken along some of the country’s most beautiful wonders gives great peace.

ZION STARGAZING TOUR | Living in a cosmopolitan city can make it really hard to wish upon a star (and we need wishes granted now more than ever!). 

For two hours, astronomy guides will present a super cosmic experience taking place along the border of Zion National Park. From sunset straight into the evening, guests get to lounge in zero-gravity pods with hi-tech telescopes, so they can view the sky in pure, meditative comfort mode (obsessed).

ZION NARROWS | If you’ve researched Zion, you’ve likely heard about and have seen pictures of the Narrows. “But what if I’m not outdoorsy enough?”

With all essentials provided—even the hiking boots we mentioned above—you’ll discover everything there is to know about one of the world’s largest and most renowned slot canyons in a five-mile excursion. And you’ll have the social media photos to prove it.

MORNING YOGA | We totally get it if you just want to relax while in nature on vacation and keep up with your daily yoga practice (which is why we love this option).

Although morning yoga isn’t necessarily Zion-specific, there is some serious cache in doing a sun salutation outside against the backdrop of the mountain range. The best part? It’s complimentary. And if you choose to tackle some more rigorous activities throughout the rest of the day, you’ll have done a mindful savasana to move forward with a chill AF attitude.

autocamp zion reviewautocamp zion review

AutoCamp Zion brilliantly provides a “little something something” for absolutely everyone. While the majority of their programming is consistent throughout the year, they constantly add in featured events that are even more unique, depending on when you visit. For example, we’ve just missed out on their New Moon Stargazing and Solar Eclipse Ride, but we take solace in knowing the moon will keep waxing and waning and that we’re entering a pretty wild eclipse season (which means more events at AutoCamp Zion).

In the meantime, our friends at AutoCamp have offered TCM readers an exclusive discount so you can book your next bucket list trip without abandon. Use code TCM20 for 20% off your next escape with AutoCamp.

autocamp offerautocamp offer

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