/The 4 Myths Of Aging + What I Wish Every Woman Knew

The 4 Myths Of Aging + What I Wish Every Woman Knew

Mystic and author Lisa McCardle is helping a generation of women reclaim what it looks like to age well. Through self-empowerment and a deep understanding of the divine feminine, Lisa is on a mission to help women reclaim middle age and tap into their higher self. Her book Palace Of Light: Finding Your Way Home is designed to help women step into their power, at every stage of life’s journey. With a new workshop this fall, we asked McCardle to share some of her best tips for reframing age with grace.

Even if you’re far from middle aged, take a moment to inspect your ideas around age — if we’re lucky, it happens to us all. 

There are cultural and generational beliefs riddled deeply within the tapestry of our human experience that would have many of us believe that the best is behind us. We are sometimes told that the journey of aging is more of a curse to be eradicated than a blessing to be celebrated. But aging is the inevitable journey of those blessed to live a bountiful and full life.

To debunk these pervasive myths we must break the illusion and right the inversion. The inversion says that aging must be fought instead of embraced. A pivot in our thinking here has a tremendous power to transform the consciousness of humanity.

What would it be like if instead of resisting, we began to celebrate the journey of “ripening” as I like to call it? What would be available within your experience as a younger woman if you believed that the best was yet to come?

The 4 Myths Of Aging + What I Wish Every Woman KnewLisa Marie McCardleLisa Marie McCardle

Lets deconstruct the myths, the great illusions, and take on a new perspective that enables us to celebrate the inevitable journey that is before us. Through the journey of reclamation, we have the opportunity to shift to a greater understanding that a woman’s later years are perhaps the most powerful experience that she will ever have.

Myth 01: Older Women Become Invisible

There comes a time in a woman’s life where she walks into the room and the heads she used to turn seem to stop noticing her presence. When she speaks in a room full of people it seems to go unnoticed. That time when she begins to turn more inward and believes the great myth, that she is no longer relevant. This happens around the same time people start addressing you as Ma’am instead of Miss. It has no relevance to one’s age, but rather to one’s frequency. What changed?

If we believe everything is frequency, or energetic in nature, one would have to look at the belief systems put into place that create the experience of becoming invisible. There was a time when the witches were killed. These “witches” were often the women of a certain age, who carried the codes of higher wisdom. They used their innate sense of intuition, connection with the earth, they worked closely with their higher self, and their deepest essence to create as if by magic. This was shunned and they were killed due to a societal imprint that felt threatened by the expanse of their wisdom. This is often referred to as the “witch wound”.

As time moved forward the inversion was set into place that this expression of wisdom and power was wrong, bad or even evil. It wasn’t efficient to continue to take out the witchy ones, so belief systems were put in place and spread like wildfire, the effect was that the women started turning on themselves and each other. Simultaneously more and more value was being placed on the fair maiden, her innocence, beauty, and yet to be fully owned power, and so the inversion began.

A woman disappears as she moves into the ripening of her wisdom, because she believes that she is no longer relevant and so therefore she shrinks back in her own expression and the outside world simply responds. The antidote lies within.

It is time to claim the power of one’s wisdom, to understand the grace and beauty of this power and to be willing to stand in the truth of it until the heads around you start to turn, stand up and notice. Believe me, they will! When the wise woman honors herself and the other women around her, she will begin to see the dynamic of society pivot with her. After all, everything you experience is more vibrational than it will ever be situational.

Myth 02: The Aging Woman Isn’t Sexy

The great illusion of our society is that women no longer are found to be sexy and no longer have a desire to harness and express themselves sexually. I’ve heard women say “I’m out to pasture” in terms of their sexual expression. These words hit my heart so deeply, that my mission on the planet has become a desire to educate so that those words will never again need to be uttered. Women experience exhaustion in their ripening years. They have been raising children, caring for partners, running businesses, journeying through menopause and often leaving themselves behind. All of these factors can lead a woman to believe that she is “done” but in truth, in many ways, she is just getting started.

I had believed too at one point, that I was dried up, done and glad I had experienced all of that pleasure in my youth. A dear friend said, “You’re not done sister, you simply forgot who you are and have not been turned back on”. Women’s bodies have the capacity to be highly responsive physically, highly orgasmic, juicy and delicious in later years as much, if not more than her younger counterpart. It is simply that she needs to give herself the opportunity to tune back into her heart, mind and body, to be willing to explore and reclaim her truest essence.

What awaits the awakening women is a well of pleasure and holy communion with herself and source itself if she is willing to debunk the myth and claim her essence and divine power. If she is willing to explore, open and nurture her sensuality and sexuality she will find an untapped expression that will very quickly have her remembering the power of pleasure that awaits inside of her. It’s never too soon to put these practices in place, do not wait. Reclaiming sexual power as an innate expression of humanity that also supports the hormonal shifts of the human body, it keeps vitality alive within the cells of your body.

There is so much support these days through diet, exercise, mindfulness practices, hormonal support, and lifestyle transformation to reclaim one’s true essence. The aging woman has an opportunity to rediscover herself in her new expression. This is the time of her life where she knows who she is and can more easily access what it is that she actually desires. She gets to explore her own body, set time aside to create or enhance her own pleasure practices and explore who she has become. This does require a willingness to change one’s mindset from “washed up”, to “what is possible?” The practice of reclamation can then be brought to her relationship if she is partnered, to explore in a new way. It’s never too late to begin again anew.

Myth 03: It’s Too Late!

Being stuck in aging is within itself a myth. It’s never too late to make any change. Do not confuse complacency with aging. You can change your job, move to a new town, lose the extra weight, start the new business, pick up the new hobby you’ve always dreamed of, initiate the new daily practice, take the trip of a lifetime, get the education, leave the relationship that hasn’t served you for years or find the love of your life at any age!

The great illusion of outdated thinking is “you live the hand life dealt you”. The truth is, that you are the creator of every expression of your reality. If you are not a hundred percent enjoying the life that is upon you, you most definitely have the power to choose differently. Does change seem harder in the ripening age? Possibly. But perhaps that is part of the inversion working upon the consciousness of humanity. Many are programmed generationally, that at a “certain” age to simply settle, accept and suffer through. Why?

They say if a plane leaves New York and is set to land in London, but pivots its course by just one degree the entire trajectory of the trip will change by hundreds of miles. It only takes a tiny pivot, one step at a time, to have a tremendously different experience and therefore outcome. If there is a call within your heart, that is your soul self or spirit itself summoning you in a new direction. If you are willing to be brave and live your life to its fullest expression, then you simply get to debunk the myth of change and set your course one degree to pivot your entire reality. Again, it is never too late to live life anew.

Myth 04: Women Fear Aging

Apparently, that’s not actually true. A survey conducted on behalf of the National Women’s Health Resource Center found that women tend to have a positive outlook on aging, and are inspired by others who also have positive attitudes and who stay active, empowered and joy filled as they grow older. Perhaps the trend of resisting aging is already shifting.

The key is to embrace the changes that are upon you, to choose to pivot with the new expression, claim your deep inner wisdom and embrace your ever expanding capacity for transformation at every age. The opportunity is to correct the inversion through the embodiment of your truest essence, claim it and share it with the world unabashedly. It is in the moment that each woman stands in her truest essence that the view from the outside world will begin to change.

When one chooses the next phase of life to be the culmination of greater wisdom, increased intuitive knowledge and a gift to be experienced, then she will rise above the illusion and experience aging as the gift it truly is meant to be.

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