/Dreamy Maple Sipper

Dreamy Maple Sipper

This cozy winter drink is perfect for sipping by the fireside. Serve it up with our Maple Pecans. It’s soothingly delicious and creamy served hot or cold.

Plant milks

We’ve suggested oat milk for an ultimate creamy beverage in our recipe. But any plant milk will be equally delicious. Other possibilities include unsweetened soy, almond, rice, and regular dairy milk products.

Iced maple milk affogato

A true Italian affogato is vanilla gelato or ice cream doused in espresso. In our version we place 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream in a glass and douse it with our hot Dreamy Maple Sipper. Shave some dark chocolate on top and gratings of nutmeg. Serve with a tall spoon. Delicious!

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