/Mini Blenders But Make It Fashion, Age-Defying Antioxidant Serum + Adaptogenic Body Oil: 5 Things Our Editors Are Loving This Week

Mini Blenders But Make It Fashion, Age-Defying Antioxidant Serum + Adaptogenic Body Oil: 5 Things Our Editors Are Loving This Week

OUR WEEKLY BREAKDOWN of everything in our editors’ pantries, go-bags, bathroom cabinets, and wellness spaces that we’re obsessing over at the moment.

When it came time to look for our next vessel for our favorite juices, smoothies, tonic elixirs, and lattes, we knew we needed to level up. The Beast Mini, which was created by the former CEO of Nutribullet, is the minimalist take on a maximalist blender. Its ultra-modern design makes you wonder if it’s even a high-speed blender at all, coming in five muted tones (we opted for Cloud White) that fit perfectly onto any counter space. It comes with three different-sized cups and accompanying lids that allow for a versatile grab-n-go approach whether you’re making a morning shake, salad dressing, or even a nut butter.

Wait…technology-led anti-aging? Can it be? Spoiled Brain is the AI-forward brand transforming our bathroom cabinets with personalized plans that combine millions of data points to give us products we’ll actually use. One of our all-time favorites is their Liquid Collagen, which blends the highest-quality types I and IIIof bovine collagen with synergistic ingredients like hyaluronic acid + vitamin C for smoother, plumper skin, fuller hair, and lubricated joints (slay). While we love to blend our usual collagen peptides in lattes or smoothies, the benefit of Spoiled Child’s Liquid Collagen is that it is delicious, easily digestible, and requires no other food prep.

We are NEVER not talking about Herbal Face Food and the impact its had on our skin over the past year. It is one of the very few products we will pay out of pocket for, come hell or hyaluronic acid. Their Extreme Cure XX is one of the most potent products in their antioxidant-heavy lineup. Given its extremely high concentration of 50 of the world’s most powerful botanicals (including 20 of the top rarest, most expensive plant concentrates on the planet), expect some serious face tingling and therefore some XXtra serious skin results. Since we’re currently enduring summer skin wear-and-tear, we turned up the heat on our skincare regimen for next-level multi-correction (which is available in limited quantities for Herbal Face Food Insiders). for the faint of heart and only available in limited quantities for our special Herbal Face Food Insiders.


If you’re not already on the moringa train, it’s about time to get on track. We are no strangers to moringa and its nutrient dense, adaptogenic properties that date back 4,000 years…which is why we were beyond excited to learn about Oshin Moringa Oil. As a body, hair, and face oil, Oshin celebrates moringa as the skin-loving all-star alongside other nourishing, clean ingredients like tea tree, eucalyptus, bergamot, meadowfoam, and geranium. It smells amazing, feels incredible, and is the ideal finisher post-detox bath or on a night where you and your skin just need an added pick-me-up.

Whoever said pets didn’t deserve the same self-care as humans was barking up the wrong tree. Fera Pets, which was co-founded by an actual Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, has formulated an entire line of products to help prophylactically and reactively support our dogs holistically as they age. One of our tried and trues for our furry bffs is Fera’s Hip + Joint Support, which contains organic turmeric, glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, and green lipped mussel to help lower inflammation while strengthening bone density and joints. The brand’s continued effort to provide pets with whole food nutrition is something that we will continue to get behind time and time again.

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