/Oliveda Skincare Review

Oliveda Skincare Review

My Oliveda skincare review: could it be better than Beautycounter!? All $50+ Oliveda orders ship free! Take this skincare quiz to get a free product when you order 2+ of the recommended products.

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As you’re probably aware by now, my beloved Beautycounter is taking a long business hiatus. It was a tough pill to swallow, but here we are. And the show must go on because this 40-something gal still needs her skincare!

I’ve been trying other brands in hopes to find suitable swaps for the safer skincare and makeup brand that I had been using consistently since 2019.

I’m so glad to have found Oliveda because, spoiler alert, I am absolutely loving the products – some even more than Beautycounter.

So let’s talk about Oliveda today: in this blog post, I will share a brief background of the brand, what makes their products unique, which ones I’ve tried, along with my honest review.

The Story Behind Oliveda

Oliveda was founded by Thomas Lommel, who discovered the healing properties of olive trees while spending time in Andalusia, Spain. Inspired by the resilience and vitality of these ancient trees, some of which are over a thousand years old, Lommel decided to create a skincare line that captures the essence of olive tree therapy. Oliveda, a part of the larger Olive Tree People brand, has a 20 year tenure in Europe and just made its debut in the United States in the last year.

What does Oliveda mean?

The name Oliveda comes from the Latin word for olive, olivae. Nearly all (all?) of the products have olive leaf extract in them as an active ingredient. 

Is Oliveda considered a clean beauty brand?

Yep! Since Oliveda is a German-based company, they are required to follow all EU beauty safety standards. The EU bans over 1,700 ingredients while the US bans a couple dozen, so simply put, Oliveda is much cleaner than the majority of US beauty brands. It’s not Beautycounter (with their 2,800 banned ingredients), but I feel really good about the information I’ve learned about Oliveda’s ingredients. 

    What makes Oliveda products unique? 

    Oliveda touts itself for being waterless skincare. And I truthfully have mixed feelings about this. Water, of course, is  not “bad” – and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with using water in skincare formations.

    That said, Oliveda replaces what would normally be water with their 100% organic bio active beauty elixir

    In Oliveda products, the globally unique holistic beauty molecule and elixir, which can only be found in mountain olive trees, replaces the 70 % water content, which is normally used in skin care products, to 100%.

    Key Ingredients in Oliveda Skincare

    Hydroxytyrosol a.k.a. Olive Leaf Extract

    Rich in antioxidants and polyphenols, olive leaf extract helps to combat free radicals, reduce the signs of aging, and promote overall skin health. It is a staple ingredient in many Oliveda products due to its powerful anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

    It’s also highly anti-inflammatory; using hydroxytyrosol as the main base in their products means that every single ingredient is active (and a little product goes a long way!).

    Olive Oil

    Olive oil is renowned for its moisturizing capabilities. It deeply nourishes the skin, leaving it soft, supple, and radiant. Oliveda uses high-quality olive oil in their formulations to ensure your skin gets the best care possible. There are also other oils, like Kahai, used in the products. 

    Mediterranean Herbs

    Oliveda incorporates various Mediterranean herbs known for their soothing and healing properties. These herbs enhance the therapeutic effects of their products, providing a holistic approach to skincare. Oliveda products really do smell like that most luxurious, posh spa products… and you know how I feel about scents and spas, ahhh!

    The Oliveda Products I’ve Tried

    Cleanse + Tone

    F78 Arbequina Oil Cleanser – This cleansing oil smells SO GOOD and is a great replacement for the Beautycounter cleansing oil. It’s my go-to for taking off makeup at night at the sink, and I use it with these washable pads. It has ingredients like olive fruit oil, argan oil, and sunflower seed oil, which are great for normal skin. These oils help to nourish and hydrate the skinwhile effectively removing impurities, making it a good choice for those with dry or normal skin looking for a gentle cleansing option. 

    F67 Corrective Facial Tonic – I use this toner after cleansing by spraying it 3 times in my palm and patting it on my face. It works to soothe, hydrate, and nourish your skin while also getting rid of dead skin cells. It has hyaluronic acid, hydroxytyrosol and the vitamin C booster camu camu in it which protects your skin from environmental stressors AND gives your skin a radiant/youthful glow.


    I got a lot of serums to try because they’re the powerhouse of skincare! I don’t use them all everyday. I’ve been focusing on F59 + vitamin C in the morning and F59 and Kahai elixir at night. 

    F59 Corrective Face Serum – aka “botox in a bottle.” This is the serum that Oliveda is known for that sells out fast! It’s called “botox in a bottle” because it’s made with concentrated hydroxytyrosol (which is a super powerful antioxidant) combined with para cress extract which is an ingredient that lifts and smooths your skin. It also builds collagen. So overtime your wrinkles tend to lift and smooth like botox. Of course you won’t get quite the same effect as real botox, but if you’re adverse to that for any reason (I am scared of needles) this is the best topical option! It also smells incredible. 

    F06 Cell Active Serum – This serum helps smooth your skin and reduce pore size, but it mainly reduces dark spots and smoothes wrinkles! What I love most about this is that it has a skin-tightening effect, and it smells sooooo good. It’s just a great all-around serum for most skin types. If you want a serum that is a little less expensive and less active than the F59, this is the one to get. I’ve been using it a few days a week to balance it out with my F59. I will probably just buy F59 in the future because I’m over 40! 

    F83 HT + Vitamin C Serum – If you’re looking for help with hyperpigmentation, vitamin C serum is the one to add. This is made with hydroxytyrosol which is a super powerful antioxidant, and it also contains camu camu. It improves fine lines and wrinkles, neutralizes free radicals, and gives you a super radiant complexion. I put it on right after toning and follow with my F59 because it is ideal to layer serums lightest to heaviest. 

    F87 Corrective Kahai Elixir – Oliveda’s elixirs are similar to adding a retinol to your routine – they’re ideal for boosters for anti-aging benefits. Mix this into your serum or apply on its own and follow with moisturizer. Use 2-3 drops. It’s potent so ease into use! This elixir boosts luminosity, hydration, elasticity, and firmness in the skin while minimizing pore size and  reducing hyperpigmentation. It’s made with kahai oil, which has natural retinol content (vitamin A). It’s also effective for fine lines and wrinkles. It’s good for all skin types, and you can use it morning and night! 

    F86 Corrective Vegan Hyaluronic Serum – This is the serum I’ve used the least because it feels a bit basic compared to the others, but it’s probably the one I need the most because I have dry skin! Hyaluronic serums are great for dry and aging skin because they deeply moisturize and hydrate. This serum also repairs oxidative damage and makes your skin look and feel more elastic/tight. I’ve been adding it in here and there. 


    F75 Regeneration Intense Face Cream – This is the one and only cream moisturizer I’ve tried and I LOVE IT! I’ve been using it day and night. It’s not too heavy for daytime, and it’s hydrating enough for night. The texture is like Elmer’s glue – it’s almost sticky/tacky! But it goes on smoothly and absorbs well. It smells like honey and slightly of yogurt to me – I love the scent and it’s very light. It’s designed to balance all skin types. It reduces redness and helps balance the skin.

    F09 Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream – This is a great basic eye cream. I love the texture and it’s completely non-irritating for my sensitive eyes. It tightens and reduces fine lines around your eye area. For the best results, mix in the eye elixir  – it has the botox-like ingredients for the eye area. 


    Peeling and masks can be used two to three times a week. In this case peeling just means exfoliator! Follow a peeling that has removed dead skin cells with a mask that will replenish and get deeper into pores. Oliveda’s masks are insanely hydrating.

    F10 Olive Core Face Peeling – This is a super fine facial scrub that helps remove dead skin cells and give you a fresh, glowy complexion. I’ve been using it once a week or so in the shower. 

    F76 Honey Enzyme Mask – This GREEN mask is so fun (Wicked vibes anyone?)! It tastes like honey too. Papain enzymes from papaya remove dead skin cells, refine pores, and leave a radiant complexion. Honey moisturizes and soothes. There is also Arbequina oil to leave a velvety soft skin feeling when you rinse it off. Use it once a week at your sink or before showering. 

    F27 Jasmine Face Oil Serum – I LOVE the smell of jasmine, so this was on my must-have list of products to try! I was right – it smells like a summertime garden in the evening. I apply a few drops after my night cream for the best smell to put me to bed! If you loved Beautycounter’s balancing and plumping face oils, you will love this. 

    My Oliveda Skincare Review

    Overall I LOVE the brand. The products all feel very spa-like. The scents smell “botanical” like many of the facials I’ve received. They are not perfumed for anyone who is scent-sensitive. The serums all sink in beautifully and are not greasy despite being oil-focused. And best of all: my skin LOVES them. It feels hydrated and dewy. I haven’t had any adverse reactions. I do feel that my lines have become less visible, and I like my complexion has more color (which could be related to summertime and humidity, I will admit!)

    While I don’t know if I buy that HT is the “end-all-be-all” skincare superstar ingredient or that waterless is superior to all other brands, I do feel that these products are packed with ingredients that support beautiful skin as it ages. 

    My biggest critique of Oliveda is the dropper bottles. They take an extra step to unscrew the lids and then put the droppers down, then pick the droppers up to apply. It’s a process. Yes they are sexy, but ultimately I’d prefer a pump for my serums and even my lotions! They are also easy to spill for this reason. But if you can get over the dropper bottle process, you will love this skincare! 

    I have yet to try a lot of the body and hair lines, but as I run out of my Beautycounter products, I’ll be placing some orders. I also have not yet tried the Internals because they keep going out of stock on me, but I look forward to adding one of them and seeing how I feel about supporting my beauty from the inside out (in addition to all the real food, of course!) 

    My Recommendations For A Skincare Routine

    Here’s what I would recommend for most people with normal to mature skin looking for the best possible outcome while also being mindful of budget (aka there are more to recommend but these are the core products!). Some of these may be out of stock, but they are in and out frequently so get what you can when it’s available. 

    • Cleanseroil or gel is up to you and what you like. Oil is great for sinks / makeup and the gel is great for the shower. 
    • All purpose serum – Get the F59 Corrective “botox” serum – the best of the best
    • Vitamin C –I’d recommend the Vit C for anyone concerned with dark spots
    • Elixir – The Kahai is a great one because you can use it morning and night and it’s great for all skin types
    • Moisturizer – The Regeneration Cream is amazing. I use it morning and night. 
    • Eye Cream – Ideally an eye cream mixed with the eye elixir for all the eye help!

    Oliveda FAQs

    Oliveda Skin Quiz

    If you’re still unsure of what to buy or want even more personalized recommendations, the Oliveda Skincare Quiz called OliveBrain might help. It uses AI technology to determine a custom regimen for products that will work for your skin. Another cool thing about Oliveda is that when you take the Oliveda Skincare Quiz and buy two of the recommended products, you get a free full-size product as a gift. You don’t have to buy anything right away, especially if what you want is out of stock. Just save your quiz link and you can use it at a later date. 

    Does Oliveda offer free shipping + free returns?

    Oliveda has free shipping on all orders $50+.

    While you can return an Oliveda product for any reason within 365 days, you do have to pay for return shipping. Read more about their return policy here.

    What’s Oliveda’s return policy?

    365 days!

    Does Oliveda sell makeup?

    Not yet… but it (called Olive Rose) is coming this fall!

    Is Oliveda an MLM?

    Oliveda does have a direct sales business model here in the US, which is similar to an MLM but different because this one can be sold at retail locations. Similarly to Beautycounter, you can join Oliveda as a consultant and receive a commission from any sales you generate – very similar to an affiliate. But just like Beautycounter, there are no “catches,” meaning you don’t have to buy inventory, spend any of your own money on personal orders if you don’t want to, or do any recruiting to build a team. That’s all optional. It’s a one-time $50 charge to unlock the 25% discount and have the ability to share as an affiliate if you want! If you’re interested in learning more about the business side, you can read more here.

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