/Lovely Meals Lately: October 2022

Lovely Meals Lately: October 2022

Fall in Denver is magic! It’s chilly in the mornings then it’s 40 degrees warmer and insanely sunny by the afternoon. The red and yellow leaves against the bluest sky I’ve ever seen…it’s just breathtaking!

couple on hike

Last weekend we drove to a beautiful mountain town called Grand Lake and it was incredible. We stayed at this great Airbnb with another couple and their toddler. One of the big reasons we moved was to be able to take weekend trips like this, and now we’re really doing it!

Onto the food. I was talking to a friend recently about how the process of thinking what to make for the week + grocery shopping + cooking feels super overwhelming at times. Even though this stuff is my job and I *usually* enjoy it, it can feel like a lot. And sometimes nothing sounds that good, ya know?

In other news, I’m having a moment with butter. Obviously it’s something I’ve always had on hand, but only recently have I been buttering toast or noodles and appreciating the simple, satisfying deliciousness.

I think I’m always reaching for avocado or nut butter and toppings because they feel fun. But lately, there is nothing more satisfying than a shmear of salted butter.

eggs and toasteggs and toast

Sweet potato chili and skillet cornbread with cheddar and hot sauce…yes please!


I blew your minds when I shared on IG that I smush energy bite dough into a lined Pyrex versus rolling into balls. I like them right out of the freezer. These walnut date bites taste like cookie dough, and Max loves!

energy bitesenergy bites

Who agrees these pumpkin brownies are the real MVP? Everyone who’s tried this recipe is full blown obsessed!


I had leftover egg noodles from noodle kugel so I made this chicken soup for lunches. We both gobbled it up.


How fun is this caramel apple bark? Simply melt chocolate chips, spread on a lined sheet pan, and top with lots of chopped granny smith apple, popcorn or pretzels, and salt. I drizzled with a store-bought caramel. Refrigerate for a couple hours and slice! I kept leftovers in the freezer. Sooo good.

apple barkapple bark

Enchiladas with cheese! This one is always in the rotation. We have them with chips, salsa, guac (always avos, cilantro, onion, lime juice, kosher salt and a must addd in: coriander), and salad.


Breakfast lately: fried eggs plus overnight steel cut oats with bloobs and almond butter drizzle.

eggs and oatmealeggs and oatmeal

TJ’s brown rice penne + their cashew pesto + peas + the saltiest, tangiest feta. Unreal.


Have you made my pumpkin hot chocolate? It’s getting me through the afternoons!

hot chocolatehot chocolate

Tuna salad is my go-to easy lunch. I eyeball everything and used chopped pickles instead of sauerkraut. Lately I like it on toast with kettle chips.


We had apple waffles for breakfast like daily for a hot minute after rounds of recipe testing. I LOVE THEM!


Trader Joe’s lobster ravioli with EVOO and parm never disappoints for an easy dinner.


Snacking on these chocolate peanut butter bars that are so delightfully sweet and salty.


Things I’m Loving Lately

Don’t forget to enter this giveaway to win 4 packs of our favorite Evergreen waffles!

This page from Being Here makes me warm and fuzzy.

book pagebook page
  • Danner boots: Jeff got these for my birthday after I fell in love with his and I just recently started wearing them. They’re so stylish and insanely comfy. I didn’t even realize they were meant for hiking until I went to grab the link! They’re waterproof and I know I’ll grab them all the time during fall and winter.
  • The song Weatherman by Wild Rivers.
  • LoveEvery Play Kits: The creativity, thoughtfulness, and quality behind these stage-based kits kinda ruined other toddler toys for me, LOL.They’re made incredibly well with sustainably harvested wood and nontoxic paint, and they evolve as your kiddo does. The magical part is that Max is still into the ones he got when he was younger! We get so excited to open these kits when they come.
  • I’ve been crushing on these wide leg corduroy pants and I can’t wait for them to arrive!
  • Love love love this bucket bag for fall, currently $20 off!
  • I’m officially a packing cube convert. These have been life changing for saving space and packing less luggage!
  • I’ve been using this toothpaste and I really feel like it’s helping to whiten my teeth.

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