/Pretty Beetroot Hummus

Pretty Beetroot Hummus

Our beetroot hummus has plenty of eye appeal. With a healthy dose of beans, it satisfies any nighttime snack attack. And it’s so pretty, it’s bound to lure even the pickiest of eaters. Packed full of healthy nutrients and an excellent source of fibre from the cannellini beans, this dip is excellent as an appetizer as well as a full-meal deal. 

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Heading into the festive party season, this brightly coloured hummus becomes a star attraction on any buffet table. Double up the recipe and spread out onto a shallow platter, tucking snap peas, cucumber sticks, and assorted sweet peppers all around. Scatter with microgreen toppings and voila!

No time? No problem

No time to bake fresh beets? Pick up a couple of 14 oz (398 mL) cans of diced beets. Drain thoroughly and blot dry. Use in place of baked and peeled beetroot. Reserve a few diced beets for garnish if you wish. 

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