/Hidden Trash Can Storage

Hidden Trash Can Storage

When we renovated our house, we turned our garage into a new kitchen. So we had to find a new place for our trash cans. Here is our solution for DIY hidden trash can storage! 

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Garage Is Going Going Gone

Our trash can and recycling bin were previously stored in the garage – along with 1,000 other things! The garage went through many iterations of junk storage. This photo was it as its worst!!!

Here it is looking a lot more organized:

So where is all of that stuff now? I’d say half of it is just gone. Twenty-five percent is neatly stored inside of our house and the rest (garden tools, etc.) are still waiting a good storage spot and are outside in the back. (The lawn mower, for example, is under the back deck landing stairs).

We knew most of the stuff in the garage could be better organized, so we turned it into a beautiful kitchen instead!

Garage Demo

See the hidden window in the back of the garage? Here it is now!!

What the back of the garage looks like now: 

The trash can and recycling bin were two items we knew we couldn’t bring inside. So we decided to do a trash can storage deck for hidden trash can storage instead. Thomas the handyman DIYed this one himself, and it turned out quite nicely! 

Our Hidden Trash Can Storage

Before: trash cans in garage

After: trash cans in hidden storage


Thomas had previously built a little patio in this spot for our dog Gus to hang out. But now that Gus has a nice side porch, we took over his patio and relocated the stones to another part of the yard. 

How it started:

DIY In Progress

Thomas then build a low-to-the-ground deck over top of the muddy area that once was the patio. I am always amazed watching him turn nothing into something! You can see that Gus thinks this deck is definitely being built for him! 

Birch got a few lessons in nails! 

The tricky part

I love how he filled in the gap with pebbles and a step stone.

We have more than enough room for the trash can, recycling bin, and a few other items (the step stool won’t be outside for long – it’s being used for this project). While nothing is protected from the elements, it’s still nice to be able to have some outdoor storage in here and/or room to grow into a bigger can if needed.

We LOVE that we can take out the trash or put in recycling without having to open the doors – just drop it over the top! 

Thomas would like everyone to know that he is finishing the inside with even more wood, but I couldn’t wait to take photos of that : ) 

The sides are cedar and will fade over time. 

We also love how it connects to the stair landing leading to the backyard (Thomas replaced the old landing so it would be seamless). And somehow he has already gotten all the grass to grow too!

Here’s the view from the side door. And the stroller lives out there most of the time too.

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